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Preparing for your MRI

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Eat, drink and take medication as usual

In most cases you may keep your normal schedule of eating and drinking. Continue to take medicine as prescribed.


Most jewelry will be removed except wedding rings. Watches may not be worn in the imaging room. We provide lockers to secure your personal belongings during your exam, and you may keep the key with you at all times.


No special clothing is required. We will ask you to change into a hospital gown and robe, depending on what part of the body we will be scanning.

Preauthorization requirements

Some insurance carriers require preauthorization or pre-certification prior to agreeing to pay for medical services. As a service to you, we will be involve in this pre-certification process prior to your appointment. Please note that the preauthorization referral to the insurance carrier must be initiated by your primary care physician.


We will help you with issues such as payment arrangements or application information for Medicare or Medicaid. You may discuss options with our patient accounts representative.