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Our Magnets

State-of-the-art technology

Our high-definition magnets operate at a high field strength including one at 3.0T,
the first and only 3.0T system in northern New England. This powerful system provides
physicians with the most anatomic detail possible, and provides more comfort for the
patient because of the shorter scanning time required.


Our open flare, short bore magnet style greatly reduces feelings of claustrophopia.
High-field strength requires less time per exam which reduces time patient is required
to remain still, and decreases the possibility of re-scans being needed due to patient movement.

Available 24/7

FirstMRI is committed to scheduling all routine MRI appointments within 2 days
of insurance authorization. FirstMRI magnets and technologists are available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week for all emergency MRI requests in the region, providing same day exam
and results when needed.

Rapid results

Patients frequently choose to come here from Calais or Caribou, Waterville, and even Canada,
because our staff can and will accommodate their needs, and because immediate diagnosis
and treatment vs. a two-week wait, or in Canada, an eight-month wait, can make all the difference.