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Lower Cost. Greater Clarity.

What does this mean for you?

Lower Cost

Great news for those with high-deductible plans

Comparing price among MRI providers can be complicated. But, FirstMRI simplifies this for you. We are THE LOWEST priced MRI provider!

Most providers quote their CHARGE for the scan. Here at FirstMRI we can provide you with a quote that takes into account your health insurance provider. We also offer a HUGE 30% discount for patients who are without insurance and are paying on the date of the scan. For pricing information, call 207-945-4680 today!

Greater Clarity

FirstMRI has the most advanced imaging technology in Maine. Our highly sensitive 3-T magnet is preferred imaging for pediatric, orthopedic and neurological physicians and surgeons.

These advanced, high- definition images give providers the clearest picture possible for surgical prepara- tion, confident diagnoses, and treatment options.

Our image clarity is especially important when evaluating under challenging circum-stances or when examining tiny anatomy, greatly reducing the need for re-scans.


FirstMRI guarantees an appointment within 3 days of scheduling. We can schedule you while you are still at your referring provider’s appoint- ment. Just have your provider’s office call our scheduler while you’re still there. We will set an MRI date and time that works for you, right on the spot—no need to wait for a letter in the mail days later or to find the MRI date is inconvenient or impossible for you to meet.

If your provider feels that same day or emergency after-hour service is necessary, we will do that too.


FirstMRI technologists are experienced and highly-trained to make your procedure as fast and comfortable as possible. They know how to ease fears, avoid painful positions, and accommodate special needs.

For children under five, FirstMRI is the ONLY MRI provider that offers pediatric sedation to keep your child feeling secure and comfortable. And when required, we provide adult sedation options as well.